T-1 Day: Colonoscopy Prep & Clear Diet Day!

It’s clear diet and prep day! Am I feeling miserable and sorry for myself? Heck no. Today is easy! The last few days were much more stressful because I was in a constant panic that I’d accidentally eaten something on the “no no” list. I think I checked Google 5 times during dinner last night to make sure Parmesan cheese is allowed on a low residue diet. According to the Googles it was. If not… sorry.

Today? Super easy.

Is it clear? Is it liquid or will it turn to liquid in my stomach?

If the answer is yes to both of those, I can have it! So. Much. Less. Stressful. And I’m not sure if I understand why people complain about getting hungry during clear diet day. At least with my doc, I’m allowed unlimited clear liquids. So… tummy grumbles just mean it’s time for more broth, jello, Gatorade, or Italian ice.

What about the dreaded prep later?

My gastroenterologist has his patients do the Miralax and Gatorade prep. I’ve never had a problem with it, and that’s coming from someone with stubborn reflux and cyclic vomiting syndrome. I don’t have an overly sensitive stomach, but I also don’t have an iron gut. As far as diagnostic tests and procedures go, colonoscopy prep is far from the worst thing I’ve experienced. I don’t even think it makes it into my top three.

Here’s the thing: At my colonoscopy 3 years ago, my gastroenterologist found two colon polyps. Lab work on both of them came back showing precancerous cells. He got everything out, so I’m fine. No worries. But I will happily go through a thousand colonoscopy preps if I can avoid actual colon cancer and everything that goes along with it.

So if you have a colonoscopy coming up and the clear diet/prep day is freaking you out… muscle up, buttercup! It really is okay.

Just think of it as a doctor-approved cleanse followed by a quick nap 😉

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