Endoscopy/Colonoscopy: Preliminary Results!

Fantastic news! No new growths!! If you’re just joining us now: At a colonoscopy 3 years ago, my gastroenterologist found 2 precancerous colon polyps. He got everything out, so I’m fine. However, the type of cells the found were concerning enough that I needed to come back to get checked in 3 years. I just got that followup scope done, and I’m all clear! No new growths.

A colonoscopy really did save me from colon cancer.

I’ve been talking about colonoscopies for the past few days, and it hasn’t been just for funsies. It really is an important part of preventative care. Wouldn’t you rather put up with colonoscopy prep instead of full blown colon cancer? GET SCOPED!!

As far as my endoscopy goes, that wasn’t so good. I have grade C esophagitis. Again. I had it last year and we cleared it up with a round of Carafate. So… back on the Carafate for 2 weeks, and we’re increasing my reflux meds. I’m also tweaking my lifestyle anti-reflux stuff.

Is it fun? Heck no.

I’m going from one cup of coffee a day to cutting out coffee completely and I’m pretty sure I’m going to die. All joking aside, the lifestyle changes for dealing with GERD can be frustrating. But when you have a stubborn case of GERD with recurring severe esophagitis… it’s kind of serious. I need to do what I can to get things under control or I’m going to be at risk for developing esophageal cancer.

So… locking down the lifestyle changes even more and upping the reflux meds. I’ve got a repeat endoscopy set for 6 months to make sure things are staying under control. If not, we’ll have to talk options.

And while we’re chatting… I wanted to show you my trophy from my procedure two days ago!

Not a big deal!!

This is from my IV. I see a lot of people freak out about bruising from an IV. Is it ideal? No. Is it a big deal? Also no. I had a great nurse anesthetist who did my IV. My IV went in painlessly! I’ve also bruised the last two times I got an IV with my infusion nurses. My infusion nurses are also awesome. Bruising after an IV doesn’t mean the nurse did a bad job. Sometimes it just happens. Some people are more prone to bruising than others. For me, the veins to the side of my antecubitals tend to bruise easily.

Next Up: I’ve got an appointment with my rhuematologist today, an IV infusion for one of my RA medications, and possible followup blood work since one of my liver enzymes was elevated recently.