Fun with Pharmacy Texts

So I’m on my way to get more coffee and I get a text. I notice it’s from CVS Pharmacy, so as usual, I totally ignore it. I finally decide to check my text a few minutes later… and I see this:

I have no idea what this is.

No clue! I have three… THREE prescriptions that start with MET. This could be methotrexate, methylphenidate, or methylprednisolone. No idea which one this is.

So… thanks?

Meanwhile, life at home…

My kiddo finally got back out in his pool! Hooray! At the beginning of the summer, we got a small 2 foot pool for our 7 year-old (code name Monkey… because he is one). And the pool miraculously fit in our postage stamp of a back yard! Yay!

And then we discovered that I was freakishly sun sensitive.

Surprise! You now have lupus and – even with sunscreen and sun protective clothes – are basically a vampire. Yaaaay. So, my Monkey and I have spent a lot of summer days holed up inside. He’s doing okay with it. He gets lots of Lego time, the freedom to build train tracks all over the house, movies, and extra time on his tablet.

But we really wanted to get him outside more!

My husband and I talked about it, and Daddy Bear is going to try to get Monkey butt in the pool after dinner each evening. We tried it out the last two evenings and things went really well!

The only issue is that Mr. Monkey doesn’t want to come in from the pool to get ready for bed. Of course. Who would?

Oh, summer life 😉

Love and gentle hugs! ❤

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