Upcoming Series!

You guys! I am super excited about this. I am working on a very big project. A little while ago, I was talking to my therapist about how hard it was being where I am with my RA and lupus. Right now, we’re still waiting to see if my new medications will work. I’m not working. I’m stuck at home. I can’t go outside much during the day because of my super sun sensitivity. I can’t go out much at night because I need sleep. It’s a lot of watchful waiting stuck at home, and I don’t feel very productive.

The other thing that’s hard is that what I can do changes from day to day.

It’s really hard to have a routine when you don’t know what you’ll be able to do from one day to the next. Most of the time, I end up feeling like I’m just sitting around waiting to get better. It’s not very beneficial for my mental and emotional health.

So… I came up with something!

Sneak peak! This is just a little bit of it.

I came up with a system to give me a flexible routine. And I love it! But it gets better! While I was building my flexible routine system, I realized I was starting to define different levels of functionality. What?! That is super useful. I color coded those different levels, and now I can use them (1) to communicate to my family what’s going on with me on a given day, and (2) to track what is going on with my level of functionality over a period of time. How cool is that?

But wait… there’s more!

I couldn’t keep this all to myself! The more I worked on my system, I realized this could really help a lot of other people. So, I am currently working on bringing it to all of YOU so you can use it too!!

And as always with my site, all printouts will be completely free.

Love and gentle hugs! ❤

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