T-1 Day: Colonoscopy Prep & Clear Diet Day!

It’s clear diet and prep day! Am I feeling miserable and sorry for myself? Heck no. Today is easy! The last few days were much more stressful because I was in a constant panic that I’d accidentally eaten something on the “no no” list. I think I checked Google 5 times during dinner last night to make sure Parmesan cheese is allowed on a low residue diet. According to the Googles it was. If not… sorry.

Today? Super easy.

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T-2 Days: Colonoscopy Prep & Your “Last Meal”

It’s dinner time the night before you’re stuck eating clear liquids for a full day, and then nothing the morning after that? Perfect time for a nice big ”last hurrah” meal to tide you over! Right?


I mean, some people can do it and get lucky with their prep… but… what you eat today is what’s coming out tomorrow. Big heavy meals right before colonoscopy prep usually don’t end well.

Don’t ask your gut to work overtime today and then hit it with a crap ton of laxatives tomorrow. It will flip you off. Think about easing into your colonoscopy and easing out of your colonoscopy. You want your gut to be nice and relaxed going into prep day!

What Does MCC Look Like?

I talk about multiple chronic conditions, but what does that mean? MCC means having more than one condition that is ongoing. It can be something like having asthma and GERD. For some of us, it’s more complicated. What might that look like? I have no problem talking about my health, so let’s nix the hypothetical and I’ll use myself as a real life example:

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For Doctors: Doctors Behaving Badly

Let me start this post by saying this loud and clear: Absolutely none of the examples I give here involve my current doctors. My current doctors are amazing. They set the standard for how doctors should interact with their patients.

I should also note that I am generally pro-doctor.

I respect the fact that doctors go through the amount of schooling and training they go through. Even though I’m a pretty savvy patient, I don’t get into the idea that I know more than a doctor does… unless a particular doctor gives me good reason to think that.

I also know that doctors are still human.

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T-3 Days: Colonoscopy Prep & Brain Meds

So… life with multiple chronic conditions gets interesting again! Yesterday, my neurologist changed my brain meds for my Chiari malformation. That was a fun chat. He warned me that my new medication might make me a little out of it.

Me: That’s nothing new.

Doc: You might tell the same story over and over.

Me: I do that already!

Doc: You might forget what you’re doing while you’re doing it.

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T-4 Days: Colonoscopy Prep

I hadn’t actually been planning to start blogging this soon, but I have a colonoscopy coming up on Tuesday. Hopefully, I won’t need another one for at least three years, so this is kind of a golden opportunity! I mean, who doesn’t love talking about colonoscopy prep? Woo hoo!

So… 4 days out. Yesterday, I stopped taking my vitamins and supplements. Except for one. Some of my recent blood work came back showing low potassium. It’s only a touch low. Not a big deal. It’s a side effect of one of my medications, but my primary doc did put me on supplementary potassium.

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