Endoscopy/Colonoscopy: Preliminary Results!

Fantastic news! No new growths!! If you’re just joining us now: At a colonoscopy 3 years ago, my gastroenterologist found 2 precancerous colon polyps. He got everything out, so I’m fine. However, the type of cells the found were concerning enough that I needed to come back to get checked in 3 years. I just got that followup scope done, and I’m all clear! No new growths.

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T-3 Days: Colonoscopy Prep & Brain Meds

So… life with multiple chronic conditions gets interesting again! Yesterday, my neurologist changed my brain meds for my Chiari malformation. That was a fun chat. He warned me that my new medication might make me a little out of it.

Me: That’s nothing new.

Doc: You might tell the same story over and over.

Me: I do that already!

Doc: You might forget what you’re doing while you’re doing it.

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